Saturday, December 1, 2007


It is amazing the number of people who presume that they would have lived your life better than you have. That given the same circumstances you have encountered they would have done better and don't hesitate to tell you so.
That is arrogance speaking when we do that about someone else's life. The first assumption we make is that we understand fully what they have gone through. The second assumption is that while in the midst of change we would have seen clearer the results of the decisions being made and therefore would have made better ones. The third assumption is that we would not have made the bad choices.
Anyone can stand back after the fact including ourselves and say that was dumb but that was not obvious when we made the best choice we could at the time. Really the only thing we can really talk about is what lessons did we learn from life.
It is all about perspective.
Your thoughts?

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Jennifer said...

That is all so true. People are so dumb sometimes.

Princess Haiku said...

In my experience people who are arrogant in this way have been untested by life. It's easy to cast judgment and it is so difficult sometimes to know what the "best" is or means. I think that most of us do the best we can at any given time.

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks Jennifer and Princess Haiku for your comments :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Correct Peter. There are things I would like to change, but can't. I have always loved the Monday morning quarterbacks. Most of those folks have never been in the arena either. They talk about it, but never fought the fight. Great to see you. :)

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks Sandee :) working on it