Sunday, May 6, 2007


Hi my name is Peter Haslam and welcome to my blog Necessary Skills. I am a 59 year old Leo living in North York, Ontario and sharing my life currently with my cat Cleo who is definitely Mistress of the House.

I originally started to blog to share some skills I had learned through the years on learning and thinking. It was going to be the usual how to and tips style that we see so much of around the Internet.

However, I found myself drawn to blogs where the authors were going through the same life issues and struggles as I had or are currently working on. I started writing posts almost as a response to the questions they raised.

This blog is not about advice or some miraculous solution that I only have. It's about sharing perspectives on issues generated by the fact we are all human and share the same basic emotions.

It's about understanding and dealing with the uncertainty we have and feel so deeply with others grappling with the same issues. It's about embracing and accepting ourselves and learning to find our own path through the wilderness. It's about knowing we are truly not alone in that endeavor.

It is through the struggle we find ourselves and our truths and are stronger for it. It is our struggle that defines us and enriches our lives. When we share our triumphs and set backs it allows all of us to be less than perfect and learning to accept uncertainty in our lives.

Change comes about through a change in our perspective and Necessary Skills is very much about sharing conversations on perspective so please join in.

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Princess Haiku said...

You have a gift for drawing people into authentic conversation, Peter. I enjoyed reading your blog and find it inspiring at times. Thank you for sharing the story of how it has evolved to date. Blogs take on a life of their own, and I look forward to seeing what wildflowers will sprouts in yours.

Peter Haslam said...

Thank you Princess Haiku and I will be over regularly to your blog to pick an ocassional boquet

Webhostingpad Review said...

Peter, never give up! Cheer!