Monday, October 22, 2007

Missing Out on Life

There is an undeniable comfort in having someone else tell you right from wrong and provide clear cut goals and rules of conduct for you to follow. That is the comfort of being a joiner and the appeal of groups.

Think about it. Whoops as a follower we don't have to think at all just obey and save a lot of time and effort. There are no decisions to be made other than whether it is a rule or not. Life becomes simply black and white with no gray, no exceptions, no tolerance for other viewpoints.

It is us versus them, those outside of the group. There is no compassion for those who break the rules as the penalty is to be tossed out of the group. A terrifying concept for some to consider.

They never reach mountain tops or sink to the depths of despair for there is no struggle to find their own truths and discover their ability to forgive, empathy for another's struggle, compassion, joy in life itself and perseverance in the face of troubles.

They miss out on all that could make a great life.

Your thoughts?

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Jennifer said...

Hi Peter...

I agree!

Something about following another's truth feels shallow as if harming the very universe.

I think there is value in learning from each other, exploring the ideas of wise and insightful fellow travelers, but following along without exploration, without delving into one's inner light feels almost "sinful."

I use that word delicately... meaning not in the best interest of individual light and gifts!

Nice post Peter,


Peter Haslam said...

Thanks for your add jen