Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Future of Work

A company finds themselves a profitable business and establishes a methodology; that is, a structure and processes that maximizes their profit from their customer base. Other companies copy that methodology and competition enforces further efficiencies.

This is the framework under which most of our current  businesses operate today. The problem now occurring is that change is happening so fast that fixed and rigid structures and processes cannot cope. By the time a methodology has been created the problems have changed.

The nature of the problems that businesses will need to solve don't even exist today but will be there tomorrow. We just have to look at printed media or music and how they are trying to evolve using traditional methodologies to see an examples of the problem.

Businesses need to evolve a totally new approach to coping with change in order to stay in business. Today we don't even know all the problems that could exist even a month from now. A problem is defined. A need for skills would be established defined by the problem and a team brought together for solving that problem. The problem is solved and then the team will be disbanded.

Individuals will need to have multiple skills that can be used in different teams as they are hired from problem to problem. Flexibility and the ability to obtain new skills rapidly and discard outdated ones will become a norm in a rapidly changing world market.

Do you agree or disagree? How will you meet this challenge?

Your thoughts?

6 conversations:

Digital Nomad said...

I used to think that as long as I had a pad and pencil that I could make a living...and that was true for some time.

Oh how things have changed.

Peter Haslam said...

The change will happen even faster now and will change the face of both business and people. Thanks for joing the conversation Digital Nomad

The Real Mother Hen said...

Not so much of agree/disagree from my part, I feel rather being pushed to "change" with time without a choice, to learn how to cope with the new found problems and solutions.

Peter Haslam said...

I agree The Real Mother Hen and while current businesses will try and hold the line we need to understand that rapid change will be the wave of the future and we need to be prepared for it

Comedy + said...

I agree. I was living in the whirlpool prior to retiring and it was exhausting. I love your team concept...Analyze, fix and disband. Works for me.

Peter Haslam said...

yes I like that one as well Sandee