Friday, March 2, 2007

What is Great about bloggers

 There is one thing that all bloggers have in common; they have an opinion. Where else can you get such a diversity of opinion about any subject under the sun and have the opportunity to engage them through comments?

I enjoy reading opinions that are similar to mine of course; but, I enjoy even more opinions that turn me upside down, challenge my perspective, make me incensed and generally disturb my peace of mind.


Because too often our opinions are never challenged. When my opinion is challenged in any way it makes me look at my truths and either reinforces them or makes me rethink them. I learn more about myself when I am forced to rethink or broaden my truths. Sometimes I am led on an exploration that increases my knowledge or allows me to dust off and polish my truths. Either way I grow.

Isn't that what self-learning is all about?  I am a member of the MyBlogLog, Explode and Whooiz communities and often find myself browsing through the communities and finding blogs that are interesting and provocative and I would not have found any other way.

Try picking a few different blogs from time to time that are not in your fields of interest but shake your thinking; who knows where that might take you.


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Jackal said...

So true.