Saturday, March 3, 2007

Creative Thinking Posts


Here are some time to get you thinking  posts from blogs that I regularly read:


Craig Harper - Motivational Speaker has a post on "The Art of Completion".


Eric - TrueYou Success  has a post on "Character and Integrity Prevails, in the Long Run".


Steve Pavlina has a post on "How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes".


Christine Kane posts on "You Teach People How to Treat You".


Gleb Reys - Personal Development Ideas Blog  has a post on "Knowing Where You Want To Be".



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3 conversations:

Digital Nomad said...

Steve Pavlina is the King of turnaround. My understanding is that he was once in prison.

pebble beach homes said...

Wow, thanks for the list of books. I've read Christine Kane's "You teach people how to treat you" and it was great. Looking forward to reading the rest on your list. Thanks again!

amazing race said...

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