Sunday, March 11, 2007

Review and Update for The Thinking Blog

[UPDATE] I am reposting the review with the correct new blog address as ilker has his own domain now and an updated review.

I have been on ilkers' - the thinking blog a number of times and I usually end up spending some time there because there are so many interesting posts to look at. Right now he is running a little contest with a great prize for the best review of his blog that you should check out.

In looking at the posts there are two that I consider my favorites. The first is under the heading of technology and is titled Sophisticated Android'. A video that is provocative with a great message. See for yourself and see if you agree. The second is under the heading of hobby and titled 'what you see'. It sure got me when I first saw it and I think you will enjoy it. But expect to spend some time poking around when you see all the great content.

Back to the review. It is definitely not a bland site. There is good use of graphics and colour with easy to read fonts and contrast that make good eye candy as well as keeping the sections well defined and pleasantly separated. All of the posts are well written and any buzz words are defined for you which is good for the novice reader. My rating is definitely a very solid A.

I am sure that ilker is looking for any issues that the reviews might uncover to fine tune his blog. I will be definitely be back for more.

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2 conversations:

Jennifer said...

I had read this one before today, but today I am leaving the comment. I love the new favicon. It is great.

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks Jennifer I like it to.