Saturday, March 10, 2007

Accomplishing Goals

There was a young man named Godwin, who went seeking the wise elder Nowcleomind. He walked through the woods to the glade where the elder lived in quiet harmony and after introducing himself sat on the porch with him. Godwin said that he had been reading books on how to become rich and had created his vision and focused day and night on that vision for the last two years and had not accomplished anything. What was he doing wrong? Nowcleomind sipped his tea and in a soft voice asked Godwin to find him a rock. The puzzled young man went searching for a rock and returned placing it on the table. Nowcleomind told Godwin to concentrate as hard as he could and move the rock. Godwin furrowed his brow and concentrating as hard as he could on a vision of the rock moving until covered in sweat he gave up and said he couldn't do it. Nowcleomind picked up the rock and threw it away and looking at Godwin said thought without action just leaves you sweating.

Are you sweating or acting?


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2 conversations:

Bryan Baker said...

Wow great post Peter. Your a good story teller. Reminds me of the way Jesus told stories.

pebble beach homes said...

Very creative. I like how you stated that goals without any actions are useless. More power.