Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Driving Force

Have you ever said to yourself I need to make a change but, I don't know what I want? Then you are not listening to your one infallible guide; your emotions. We want or don't want things according to how we feel. The greater the feeling or passion the greater we want or don't want something. It is our driving force. It is our engagement with the universe.

Emotions tell us when we are successful or drive us to go on to even greater accomplishments or through fear stop us dead in our tracks. Success is hollow and fleeting if we don't feel that it is successful and no one can convince us otherwise. How we feel is our final judge.

Research by Dr Candice Pert PhD and detailed in her book called Molecules of Emotion and a recent audio CD Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind underline the importance of our emotions as signals from our subconscious. The involvement of our emotions is a definitive part of all great programs of change from Anthony Robbin's Awaken the Giant Within to the Dali Lama's The Art of Happiness.

Engagement is a requirement for change and our emotions determine the degree and urgency for that change. Little emotion leads to little or no change whereas intense emotion leads to ongoing movement towards our desire or away from what we don't want in our life until we feel we are successful.

Discover your path, vision or calling by listening to your emotions. Make a list of what you envy, wish for, never want to be or passionately hate for therein lies the seeds of change.

Tomorrow we will continue with a discussion on the definition of success.

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Robyn McMaster said...

Peter, interesting post. Do you sense that change and good decision making includes both emotions and reason? I've made some bad choices by following emotions only...

Peter Haslam said...

Definitely there needs to be a reality check to ensure that all aspects of the change have been considered. We need to make our changes with our eyes wide open because rarely is a change made that doesn't have some unintended consequences. We need to adapt and modify according to ongoing results.
Thank you for your comment.

S. Camille Crawford said...

Hi Peter. Nice post. It would be great to hear you add a personal experience to the mix. It might help people relate to it more.

For sure listening to your emotions is the best advise!

Robyn, when you say 'follow emotion only' do you mean you 'act' on those emotions without first having given some thought to your actions? I don't think we need to act on every emotion we feel...just listen to what it is telling us. Then apply your own reason. .02 cents!

Camille NOW

Bryan Baker said...

Peter you've got a great point that emotions can lead us. Consider that emotions are given for us to learn from..and the fast we learn from them the quicker we can move on.

An emotion of anger is meant to teach us that our beleifs have been violated, and that is a valuable piece of information!

If we're sad, estatic..all emotions have something to teach us.

pebble beach homes said...

All of us tend to let the idea of positive change pass us by, until we get ourselves in a real mess. The idea of writing down what you envy, what you wish for, what you hate, etc. is a superb idea. This was an inspiring read. Can't wait for the next article.