Saturday, March 17, 2007

MyBlogLog Community

Today's posts are about events in the MyBlogLog Community.


ilker of the thinking blog is running a contest where you review his blog and get entered in a contest for a redesign of your site or a favicon. I had entered and today I found out I have won a favicon (thank you ilker) which should be featured on my blog in the next couple of weeks. The delay is because ilker sent me some questions to answer before he designs the favicon. The contest information is here.


The second community I will talk about today is bloggst. This is a community where information is written by bloggers for bloggers. There are blogging articles, a tag cloud of topics and forums on development, design and code, promotion and advertisement, and monetizing your blog. The information will benefit both new and long-term bloggers. Within 5 minutes I had found information on feeds that I am going to implement right away. Also for a short time they are running a feature where if you post about bloggst on your blog you will be featured on their front page. This is my post for that benefit but also because I think it will good new bloggers like myself as we can post questions. The founder is a member of the MyBlogLog community Lars-Christian and the site is at bloggst. To comment or post on the forums you need to register which only takes a few minutes.


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3 conversations:

me.Blog said...

Thanks for introducing Bloggst. i'll give it a try..

ilker said...

Hmmm.. Peter - Do you really need weeks to think about an icon? =)

I was planning on making the post of the winners in a few days.. and would be good if I could get your favicon included ;)

pebble beach homes said...

I love the idea of writing information written by bloggers for bloggers. This is the most effective way, I think, to help promote each others blog.