Friday, March 16, 2007

Do you Suffer from Mind Chatter

A young man after another night of restless sleep finally decided to go and see Nowcleomind the wise elder. Setting off he arrived at the cabin of Nowcleomind and joined him on the porch. The young man asked what could he do about all the thoughts that were running through mind constantly. Ah, said Nowcleomind; the ghosts in the machine and took a sip of his tea. Ghosts? I don't understand what you mean said the young man. The nature of mind is interpret what is going on in the environment around you and within you. When the mind is not directed it babbles like a brook and runs on like a tape recorder. Thoughts are like ghosts having no substance until you dwell on them. 

What can I do to stop it asked the young man?

Nowcleomind said ; I want you to close your eyes and just follow your breathing in and out. Do nothing special just follow your breath. The young man shrugged and closed his eyes and started paying attention to his breathing. Nowcleomind watched closely until he saw that the young man had relaxed and his breathing had calmed. Then he said I want you to listen to your heart beat as you are following your breath. Don't do anything special just follow your breathing and listen to your heart beat.

After about 5 minutes the young man opened his eyes and smiled.

If your mind chatter is getting out of hand then breathe and listen.


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surjit said...

A good and motivating post.Best wishes.

Syd said...

Very good and interesting post. I hope the advice will serve me in silencing my own mental chatter.

Digital Mastering said...

great post! love the idea! one moer thing you can do is busy yourself in some other work. It also helps sometimes

chile travel said...

interesting post! very motivational. when i experience such thing i busy myself in kitchen or with tv. it helps me alot.

Gold Coins said...

This is a very interesting story about mind chatter. Thanks for sharing!

James Childrens said...

I suffer so bad with this.
In fact i have had bad side effects of this.
When i am lying in bed for a long time just thinking or listening to the "Mind Chatter" i some times have a very scary thing happen. My BODY falls asleep, but my mind is still awake!!! I have no control over my breathing and i feel like i cant breath... and i am completely paralyzed! Its very scary, but it only lasts about 15 seconds!! But this is a good technique i will try!

carmel real estate said...

Awesome! I feel like I am the young man. I can relate to the story as I think I suffer from mind chatter. I don't know if because of my busy schedules or because of unresolved problems or both. Breathing and listening to my heart really helped me. Thanks!