Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Addictions

Help! I can't stop. A casual comment, an interesting post, a feeling, watching a movie or video, an article, a book, watching the sunset or hearing the sound of laughter. I never know when it will arise; only that it will. A question will pop into my mind and I am off again looking for an answer. I don't always know where it will lead me but I do know where it will leave me. With a richer understanding or perhaps a little wiser and definitely with a different perspective.

As children this is encouraged and supported even when we get exasperated with their constant question. Why?

Why then do so many people turn off this exploration later on in life? Do they feel that that they know enough? I find the more I learn; the more I realize the less I know and it opens up my tolerance for different viewpoints. I am less certain that I am always right. I will defend my understanding and debate, argue and attempt to convince but; I am open to change. I can accept an opposing idea without abandoning my own as another viewpoint and in the process of answering the why not question; usually find that it either enriches my own viewpoint or modifies it by encompassing it into a larger perspective and once again I grow.

We are what we allow ourselves to see and believe. If there are no more questions then have we arrived, are we then wise elders, are we good examples or and have we just stopped growing?

I have decided that if I am going to have an addiction I can't stop; then so be it. I confess. I am addicted to living my life as an explorer. I don't want to stop discovering and growing. I will forever be a child in the universe of knowledge.

As always it is better when it is shared; care to join me?

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Bryan Baker said...

Great post here...especially the part about as you learn more, you realize how little you know. I find that phenomenon occuring daily in my life. I'll read an article and realize all the things I don't know about that topic...truly humbling.

Peter Haslam said...

Thank you Bryan. As always I appreciate your comments and it gives me incentive to continue.

S. Camille Crawford said...

When we start connecting with others, this is what happens isn't it? We change... and if we are fearful of that change we might try to explain it away, or stop it in some way. Just saying 'I am open to change' is an event that can create the flow of that change as a positive thing instead of it being a difficult thing to cope with. You are truly wise...

I think you make a good point in saying 'I can accept another view point without abandoning my own'. This is a lesson I've struggled with for a long time. Right and wrong don't have to coexist. There can be two rights!

Thank you for this wonderful post Peter.

PS. And thank you for your wonderful and breathtaking comment on my blog today. I answered your comment there, but I'm happy to thank you again here!

Jackal said...

I am with you on this one all the way!
What's the purpose of life if not to explore, express, question and learn?
We will never know everything. It is simply impossible in our lifetime. What we discover about our world at large helps to mould us into the person we achieve to be.
Life is about learning - because only when we learn do we grow.

Peter Haslam said...

Thank you s. camille crawford for sharing your insights. It adds to the richness of the conversation.