Monday, March 19, 2007

The Distance Travelled

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in where I am going that I forget to be present. I am thinking about what I want to change and get impatient with myself as I feel I am going at a snails pace. As I was thinking about that today my thoughts drifted back to where I was even just a few years ago. I realized how much I had actually changed. My interests were different, I had more moments of sheer enjoyment, I had made new friends and I was holding myself to a higher standard of accountability for my actions and thoughts. Life was a great deal more fun and fullfilling.

I realized that I will never arrive at my final destination when all is done and I don't care. I am enjoying the journey.

Sometimes we need to take the time to measure the distance we have travelled.


4 conversations:

Bryan Baker said...

A foreign exchange student said to me recently, "I can't enjoy tea like I could back home...I'm always so caught up in what I'm doing next that I forget to enjoy the tea!"

The value of living in the present is beyond words. Never say, "I can't wait for...", because not only can you wait, but you will wait!

Instead, live every day like it's your last. Enjoy the moment.

Peter Haslam said...

Thank you bryan for the illustration. As always your comments are welcome.

Comedy + said...

Yes, it is the journey that really counts.

pacific grove homes for sale said...

The ending is really not THAT important, it is the journey that is important. All the memories and satisfaction you get from that journey will make you contented of what you had in your life.