Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Hate Mistakes

I've read a lot of posts on self-help blogs that talk about how admitting your mistakes is crucial to being able to let go of it and move forward.

Garbage! I totally disagree.

Why is it a mistake when something didn't turn out the way we expected? We take actions with expectations of what will happen. But, we don't operate in isolation with everything within our control. Life interferes and we get results. Some we like and continue and some we don't and we need to make some changes in our expectations or actions. Nothing we do is a mistake because a mistake assumes that we goofed up, didn't think straight, that we could have done better.


We always make the best decisions we can for ourselves given our understanding at the time we take action. When our actions move us towards the result but not all of the way, we don't call it a mistake. So why do we call it a mistake when our actions don't get the result we wanted. I call that learning.

Yes, we need to learn from our results but don't ever call it a mistake; it's just part of living. Learn and make better decisions to get closer and closer to the results that you want.

Don't let MISTAKES hindsight be your master.


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S. Camille Crawford said...

You are getting feistier!

I looks good on you!

Comedy + said...

Excellent. To err is human, not a life sentence...

pacific grove foreclosures said...

I totally agree with this. For me, considering something a mistake is a pessimistic view on life. There's no such thing as a mistake, but rather lessons. These lessons help us become better. If someone sees it as a mistake, then they're more focused probably on the embarrassing experience - and not on the lessons. I think you should be proud of these mistakes because it only goes to show that you are a much stronger person than those who actually do not admit or experience them.