Friday, March 14, 2008

Keep It In Perspective

We have a tendency to become upset or angry with others who are petulant, mean, rude, argumentative, cruel, and we can certainly make this a very long list from our personal experiences.

We get upset or angry because we feel either they don't respect us or or make unreasonable demands from us according to our personal perspective of the situation.

There is another approach or perspective that can be enjoyed by ourselves when ever we are in these situations. Instead of being upset or angry we can be happy.

We can be happy because it shows us how good our own lives are in that we strive to be accepting and reasonable in our relationships with others whether intimate or casual in nature.

Give a try the next time you feel ourselves getting upset or angry by considering just how unhappy these people are with their lives and the activities  and interactions of life.

it is not worth any of our time being upset and angry because of the actions of others. Keep it in perspective.

Your thoughts?

3 conversations:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I agree Peter, but this can be very difficult to do. Sometimes I can pull it off easily and other times I fail. I do always try and I constantly tell myself that they are the miserable ones. :)

Polina said...

To be happy when you'd like to be very angry instead... there is something really controversial in this. I am trying hard to stay calm and "decrease a level of sadness" for every problem, thinking "it's not yet a problem" or "it is not bad enough" or "it could have been far worse"... it helps for some time and sometimes it even comes out that the problem is really not as bad as I suppose her to be... but sometimes I feel that there is some "spot" inside me where the anger lives and awaits for the moment to show up...

acollins said...

That seems like it would be hard to accomplish. Although one of my worst habits is judging others...

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