Wednesday, December 19, 2007


There are many people who point fingers at others and say they need to change for many and varied reasons. We can easily see when and how others need to change in order to make a better life for themselves.

From romance to wealth we are often experts on the need to change. That's right the need but necessarily the how to change. We should resist telling people what they should do and start showing by our example how to accomplish what they need to do. Who knows; one example, could open up someone's eyes to the possibility that they too can change their lives for the better.

Do you agree that example is far more powerful than a book of words to bring about change?

Your thoughts?

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Brad K. said...

You can change an organization, one person at a time. By gradually introducing benefits and alternatives you can persuade a manager, a co-worker, of possibilities.

A supervisor, a manager, a president, can make a proposal to their superior, and with approval implement changes across the scope of their authority.

In any case the environment has to admit the possibility of hearing suggestions, of getting permission to make changes, of being allowed latitude to explore options. Where there is no inlet for perspective, no tolerance for creativity, I don't think it much matters what you try.

Princess Haiku said...

My mother always said that actions speak louder than words.

blogtommy said...

Change is basic in nature. We're doing it by the minute whether we know it or not. Substantial change can be scary and even lead to major anxiety attacks for some. Having spent 13+ years as a Juvenile Counselor, I know full well how very difficult change is to make happen and to maintain. Actions and examples go a long ways for some. For others, not so much. It's the age old paradigm question. Do you need to be a drug addict to understand addiction? It's complex and I'd hate to be painted into either camp completely. For some, actions speak much louder than words, while for others, not so much.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Lots of people talk the talk, but many don't walk the talk. Setting the example is a very powerful way to make change. It can be done without so much as a word. I so agree Peter. Excellent as always my friend. Have a great day. :)

Peter Haslam said...

I like that thought of possibilities brad

Peter Haslam said...

so did mine princess haiku :)

Peter Haslam said...

good observation blogtommy as the perspective does shift when working with others rather than ourselves

Peter Haslam said...

Yes sandee by example leaves the choice to them without pressure :)