Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just Start

When we have big dreams and big hopes we have a tendency to spend time making sure we have the best possible odds in our favor. Nothing wrong with that desire but it can and does become a form of procrastination.

Every day that goes by usually gives us more problems to solve and more i's to dot and t's to cross. It will be never ending and usually leads to us to abandoning our dream till a better time arises which never comes.

What we need to remember is that even the most important matters have a unique and simple beginning although we usually do not recognize it to long after. Most of us meet our future significant other or start our career by chance not by design. We take advantage of an opportunity that later leads to great rewards by simple taking a action that is simple.

Sometimes we can accomplish more by just starting and then changing as our circumstances change and new opportunities that the results of our actions provide come up for us. Each in itself simple steps but lead us somewhere profound.

Your thoughts?

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3 conversations:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You are right Peter. What is it you want to do then ask how do I get there. They are usually simple things to do. The operative word is 'do'! Very well done. :)

Digital Nomad said...

That is almost a natural extension of the previous post, and my previous comments.

Just let things happen. It's more fun that way almost all of the time, too.

d90 said...

interesting post.
a friend of mine does audio-visual installation, and told me that churches usually install sound systems in three stages...they jump in as a DIY project, then realize after the fact that there was a lot more to it, and eventually do it over, and finally realize that theres a need to have a professional do the job and do it a third time. the point is, that you dont easily get to the omellette without breaking the eggs. you need the experience to absorb enough information to make better decisions, and wont really get the direction correct until after you have already jumped in. so ideally then you evaluate what it is you do know and what makes sense, leave options open if you can, but commit to an initial step and just do it, with the understanding that things can and probably will change.