Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Possible Futures

Our vision can become obscured by our doubts of making the future we want. We can sometimes dismiss our vision because we can't see how to accomplish it or worse feel that somehow we don't deserve it.

We say yeah right that's pie in the sky stuff let's get practical and realistic. When we make those kind of statements to ourselves we deny our own potentiality, our own creativity, and our own drive to bring it about.

Any future can be. How can a future be impossible? If it were not possible then it would be the past, fixed and unchangeable. The present is the transformational point through our efforts.

We shouldn't settle for scraps when anything is possible.

Your thoughts?

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Digital Nomad said...

Boy is this ever the truth. Sometimes we just get stuck.

I watched a program some time ago about the life of Leonardo da Vinci.

What people forget, or don't know, is that great men often seldom finish projects.

Leonardo sometimes wondered for 2-3 years between doing great things. He would spend time planning, writing, and doodling in his journals.

Maybe we should learn from this. Everyone is in such a hurry to make something happen, instead of just letting things happen.

Andrew Murphy said...

We have so much potential inside of us but most people will never reach their full potential in life. The reasons are many but if we can encourage each other and breakout of routines and shake things up, do something different and enjoy family and moments with your children because they pass us by very quickly.

Here is a question-

How are you (everyone)going to make your mark in life and make it a better place?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well, it's that self worth thing that really gets in the way of many folks. It used to be a problem of mine as well. When you are taught you are worth little or nothing, it's difficult to break out of that mindset.

It took years for me, and it was wonderful when I raised the bar and then began to see the positive changes. From that time on I didn't let anything stand in my way. Full speed ahead. Excellent reminder Peter. :)

erp said...

this is really philosophical post~ and nice job.all the best :)