Tuesday, October 2, 2007


One of my readers Cissie asked if I would write about restlessness. I like to think of restlessness as a type of longing not to be confused with happiness or unhappiness. I believe that restlessness comes from the heart and is a feeling that there is more that we can discover than what we currently have or strive for.

It is an incompleteness that we cannot put into words except as a longing for something more. Something different than what we have aspired to up to now. Restlessness embarks us on a voyage of discovery where we have no specific destination in mind.

It forces us to search for and try new things in order to satisfy that itch that we have. Some people cannot tolerate searching without a destination and so drown it out by immersing themselves in flamboyant excess or drugs or anything that hides the longing for a while.

I believe they search in the wrong direction in the external world rather than listening to their inner world while on their voyage of discovery. It is finding the feeling that we are missing and can only be found by listening to our heart during our search.

Where to search is our voyage and unique to ourselves.

Your thoughts?

4 conversations:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

About the only time I'm ever restless is when I'm trying to go to sleep and can't. Thank goodness that's not very often. You make perfect sense here. Have a great day Peter. :)

Peter Haslam said...

HaHa thanks Sandee :)

Anonymous said...

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