Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Contrary Actions

Why do we pretend not to believe things we have actually experienced. You know. When someone who does something contrary to what they normally do. Doing something kind for someone when they are the tough guy on the block. That sort of thing.

We will find any excuse or reason to tell anyone else why we acted that way and dismiss it as a momentary blip in our life. We say to ourselves that is not me whenever it conflicts with our image.

The image we construct is the fiction and it is our actions that bare our truths to ourselves. When we do something that we don't normally do then we need to stop denying it and search for what it means for us. Determine what it is telling us about ourselves to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves.

This is the hero's quest. For a lot of people it is truly an exploration of the unknown.

Your thoughts?

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4 conversations:

Random Magus said...

I think we are most afraid of discovering and learning about ourselves. We have these predefined notions about ourselves and we want to stick to them. Because we get lazy and it's easier to stick to the knowledge we already have. A pity really

Peter Haslam said...

True on all counts Random Magus

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I liked what Random Mangus said. We are lazy and we need the comfort of what we know. We don't like change for the most part. Don't move us out of our comfort zone. It is a shame too. Have a great day Peter. :)

Peter Haslam said...

true Sandee but no discoveries are ever made in our comfort zone :)