Saturday, August 4, 2007


We seem to always be in such a hurry to get things done, make decisions, or take action. We often take the fastest route usually the first solution that offers itself and plunge ahead implementing it.

Then we end up kicking ourselves for not seeing the additional problems our solution creates. We have adopted the instant fix philosophy as if any delay is a reflection on our ability to think and appear in control and decisive.

We of course need to handle simple problems quickly such as what to have for supper, when to leave for work and the like. However, for important decisions we need to learn patience.

The first solution may not be the best solution. We need to give some time for other solutions to come to mind. Usually additional solutions come when we are not directly thinking about the problem.

When we have several solutions then we can sometimes combine them into a better plan for us to follow. At least coming back to a solution after some time has passed gives us a fresh perspective and a better handle on whether it is the right one or not.

Your thoughts?

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Derrick Kwa said...

I agree. We seem to demand immediate results in everything. And the immediacy often leads to slightly lower quality. And also, personally, I think it leads to more stress and such.

That's why I really think that organizations such as The Slow Movement are really great.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

when i do this i always seem to come back to my first decision anyway...

smiles, bee

Peter Haslam said...

Good adds to the conversation Derrick

Peter Haslam said...

Perfectly OK Bee exploring other options has shown your first choice was best

Comedy + said...

Well, this makes sense to me. There is always more than one way to do something. We will follow what is most comfortable for us. This doesn't always work though. I have always believed that you need a plan (b), (c) and maybe even a (d). This really applies in the work world as "get it done now" is the mantra for just about everywhere.

Now in retirement we just put our heads together and agree on the path we will take. Then we just go and do... :)

Peter Haslam said...

Sandee retirement certainly has it's benefits :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the article, but some disagree