Thursday, August 30, 2007


When we have lost everything that our peers and fellows deem to be important, when we live a life that is meaningless by the tenets of our upbringing, then all that is left are our dreams.

Dreams spring from hope, desire, and meaning in our life. They don't restrain themselves with what is but blossom in the what will be. They are made of fairy dust, hero's tales and adventures beyond our current circumstances.

To dream is to awaken our slumbering self into the realm of possibility. We put aside our normal restraints and imagine ourselves living freely in our potential. Our adventure awaits.

What are we capable of doing if we have first lived it in a dream?

Your thoughts?

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Digital Nomad said...

Keep a dream log. Ir does require keeping a pad and pencil handy near your least for me.

Sometimes it does not look so good when you read it the next morning.

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks for the suggestion Digital nomad

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm taking this a bit differently than digital nomad. I see this as being at rock bottom. Without hope. Lost so to speak. I see this as an opportunity to dream what could/can be and then let that dream become a reality. If you are completly down there is no where but up. You can dream anything you want and then build on that dream. I would say the sky is the limit.

I was a rock bottom at one time in my life. I do remember the dreams and all the hard and wonderful work to make those dreams come true. In fact the reality was much better than the dream. Excellent post as always. Have a great evening Peter. :)

Peter Haslam said...

Right on the money Sandee :) Been at rock bottom myself

Anrosh said...

"if you can conceive it in your mind, you can achieve it" - this was engraved on a wall in ny city.

and I definitely want to echo what sandee said to myself " If you are completely down there is no where but up" Up UP.

So dream and then you will do. for if you don't dream, you will die.

Peter Haslam said...

Very good addition to the conversation Anrosh thank you

Samantha & Tigger said...

Dreams are what keep hope alive in times of sorrow. We have lost three furiends this week and it is very sad, but we dream of them and see them in a better place and it helps the sorrow. And it gives us the will to go on and dream of things bigger and better. Say Hi to Cleo for us.
Your FL furiends,
and Chandra

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Have a great day and weekend Peter. Off to the boat for the long Labor Day weekend. Big scratch to Cleo. :)

Peter Haslam said...

Have a great long weekend Sandee :)

Random Magus said...

I was just having a conversation with someone the other day on dreaming. Their point of view was that we should hope and dream for things that can happen so we don't get disappointed. To which I said that life would be sad indeed if we stopped dreaming for fear of disappointment that the dream wouldn't come true.
I read somewhere
"Most of our problem lies not in aiming high and not achieving but aiming low and getting there"

Peter Haslam said...

I agree Random Magus that we can aim for the safe rather than the inspiring or not aim at all which is the saddest