Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dream Big

We can have quite a problem creating the vision for our life that resonates with us and provides the drive to lead us to great accomplishments.

Why is it so hard?

We immediately look to our goals that we have decided we want to reach. But are they our dreams? Not usually. Our goals are most of the time things that we believe are within our reach and are based on our current capabilities. 

The problem is that we don't know what our capabilities are. We only know what we have done. We will never test our abilities unless we learn to fail. That is when we have stretched ourselves beyond what we have thought we could do to the point of failure. Is that the end of it? No.

Failure occurs when we are in new territory and we simply did not know all we needed to know to accomplish it on the first pass just like a pitcher failed to get a strike on the first throw. We need to try something different by learning from our failure and trying something new. Often like the pitcher it may take only a minor adjustment to be successful on the next attempt.

The more we fail the greater our ability will grow to accomplish new things.

 Make sense?

Continued with tomorrows post.

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5 conversations:

Magician said...

Can you dream too big?

Peter Haslam said...

No you can't magician. What is a lifetime if you are working to bring your dream into being and perhaps you will draw others to the dream. A dream doesn't know the how just the direction. It is the legacy you leave for others. Is there a better one?

Comedy + said...

This works for me. The folks who fear failure generally get very little done. Right on the money Peter, as usual. I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on the rest of the posts. Have a great evening. :)

Peter Haslam said...

Good to see you back Sandee

erp said...

hi there~ nice post but still need improvement.dream is that we should pursue :)