Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog Drive-Byes August 14/07

I will start with my funny reads by Sandee at Comedy Plus and Bee at Muffin53 who always lighten up my day.

For a different slant on things I can count on Ed at The Pisstakers with his quips and make sure you check out his Sunday MyBlogLog roundup.

Shine at Shine With Grace has a good post on Wealth, Success and Happiness.

RT at Untwisted Vortex who taught me about blog drive-byes and offers reviews and help for all bloggers. He is very generous with sharing information, tips, and links. Check him out.

Derrick at Sui Generis a 17 year old blogger who has many interesting posts.

Mimi at Mimi Writes is the Queen of Memes and founder of the Peace Globe Movement. I have my globe in my sidebar and you should drop by and pick up yours.

Cleo loves reading Samantha and Tigger over at Life from a Cat's Perspective and Jaya at Cat on my Head

Carol at My View of It keeps me up to date with her slant on political issues in the United States.

Jennifer at Goodness Graciousness has a good post called Stronger than all the Armies of the World. 

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Samantha & Tigger said...

Thank you Peter and Cleo for mentioning us in your post for today!! You have such great blogs in the post and we are honored to be on of them! Between our blog and Samantha being a Reporter for the Tuxedo Gang Hideout, taking care of my mother-in-law with Alzheimer's, a wife, mother (thank God my kids are grown), a grandmother and getting ready to start a new business, I'm lucky my hair is still on my head. But that is me and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you and Cleo are having a wonderful week and while we may not always leave a comment, we read you often.
Your Florida friends,
and Chandra Ann

Peter Haslam said...

Hope all the crew is having a good time and your hair loss is kept to a minimum. Peter and Cleo

Derrick Kwa said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, Peter. I'm honored to be in the list, and really glad you find my blog interesting. =).


Peter Haslam said...

My readers will as well Derrick

Comedy + said...

I'm sure that Cleo is the one that talked you into to doing shout-outs for Empress Bee and I. A big stratch behind both of her ears are in order. Thank you too Peter. :)

Peter Haslam said...

Cleo is getting so many scratches that she's getting spoiled :)

Shine said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the mention and most glad you like the post. Balance in life is important, right?

Peter Haslam said...

Yes it is Shine

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Had to say I looove the mistress of your house!!! What a gorgeous cat. I have four cats and they do rule the household. :D

Great blog!!!


Peter Haslam said...

Cleo says of course I rule and thanks for the compliment

Jaya said...

Thanks for the Drive-Bye, Peter!
I always enjoy seeing your smiling face showing on the widget over at my blog, and I'm very pleased to hear that Cleo enjoys reading it! Of course the fact that I have implemented the new technology of CyberAroma, using catnip scent, wouldn't have anything to do with it...

Peter Haslam said...

Well I was certainly wondering jaya catnip eh! sneaky :)