Thursday, July 12, 2007

Clinging to Our Vision

We see and hear a lot about how important it is to have a vision for our life. It is necessary to give ourselves guidance when making choices in the actions we take on any given day. It defines our goals and measures our progress.

What is a vision?

It is a mental representation of where we see ourselves in the future and what we stand for. It represents what is most important for us. If asked many people can tell you about their vision and can be very clear on the obstacles they need to overcome to reach it. But are they doing anything today to reach it.

If we have not taken an action towards our vision today then perhaps it is because the vision we have has lost it's power to generate action. We see it and want it but are not inspired enough anymore to take an action today. We have stopped asking at the end of each day what we have done towards our vision. We have stopped looking for alternate ways and possibilities for reaching our vision.

If this is true then we need to create a new vision that does excite us and moves us to take action right now. Remember that over time we change and our vision needs to change with us.

Are you still clinging to an outdated vision?

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Fred Bell said...

Hi Peter, I like your blog and will get back to it. I have signed up with the blogger challenge site and that's how I saw yours.
I am reading a book, Stumbling on Happiness. Have you read it?
I will get back to you on this. It is late now. I'd like to try the challenge thing and maybe I will understand it better tomorrow.
Fred Bell

Peter Haslam said...

Yes Fred I have read the book and it makes a great deal of sense. Please do join the conversation

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the very clear thoughts on an over-used and often mis-used concept.
I think I will have to read it again!
I have left behind an old vision that didn't work anymore and am struggling to put a new one into focus. You are so right about the daily action. If you can't find the energy to do it and if even when you do, it isn't stimulating and fun, then you are not going down the right road.
Blogging has given me a great venue for daily action -- to write, write, write, not about me, but about my passion and in the process educate others. It feels right, so I write!

Peter Haslam said...

A very good onservation Elizabeth and a necessary action if we are going to fully engage in what life offers to us. Good statement also on the purpose for blogging.

Shine said...

Hi Peter, another great post!

The no. 1 reason for people not achieving their goals is that they don't know what they really want. So, having and clinging to our vision is important.

When you have a destination you will find the direction, right?

Jennifer said...

So important peter.

I find my vision has changed so much throughout my life... my goals, my dreams, my wishes!

I need a new personal one right about now! :-)


Peter Haslam said...

Absolutely Shine. Pieces of a puzzle have no meaning without a framework

Peter Haslam said...

Good point Jennifer about having distinctions between personal and other visions such as work, social etc

Random Magus said...

Thanks Peter I seem to have lost my vision - I think I need to find another one and make it real!

Peter Haslam said...

Yes Random Magus it is something we need to check from time to time and change when we need to. I would be interested in what you come up with if you choose to share

Mimi Lenox said...

Something to think outdated vision..hmm....

Peter Haslam said...

Yes Mimi we need to refresh from time to time

Comedy + said...

I agree that sometimes what you envision for yourself doesn't work out, so you need to regroup and create a new path.

I don't really have any visions for myself anymore. Now that I'm retired and all. I did have lots of them while I was working and am happy to say that I accomplished all of the important ones.

Now I just want to have fun and enjoy all those years of hard work and missing out on so much. It was well worth it though. :)

Peter Haslam said...

It is nice to just relax Sandee