Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Gift

We all have been given a gift a birth. It is a free gift and as is the nature of free gifts it can quickly be ignored or forgotten.

Some people are afraid of this gift and hide from it buried in their busy moments not looking up from their toils and it slumbers.

Some people rail at it and curse it as if it were their worst nightmare as it can be.

Some people never even see it hidden in plain sight for they have chosen to be blind to it. 

Some people try to grasp it and hold it captive to their whim and it escapes not nor does it hinder.

Some people seek to escape it and sadly some succeed.

Some people seek to define it as it twists and turns defying description and rules.

Some people savor it in it's multitude of disguises no matter their circumstances.

Some people embrace it and will return so they believe again and again to fully live in it's embrace.

It is a gift that touches all of us and leaves it's mark on us as we do on it.

What do you do with your gift of life?

To give you my answer I try to contribute.

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Comedy + said...

I have always tried to stop and smell the roses each and everyday. It is far easier now that I'm retired, but I still maintained that life is passing us by and it is important to savour every moment we can.

I have come to the point where my primary concern is my family and friends. I don't reach much further than that. I spent so many years giving and giving that I neglected me and mine. Another good one Peter. :)

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks Sandee as usual you contribute good thoughts to the conversation

Random Magus said...

That was really beautifully put. I ask myself this question a lot - I hope I am doing something worthwhile with this gift. I know I appreciate it and give thanks for it daily!!!!

Peter Haslam said...

In reading your blog Random Magus I would say you were :)

paisley said...

i get really lost on this at times peter... i want to believe i am living a full life... but i know i am holding back... and yet it is ever so difficult to see any break thru areas for me,,, so i feel like contentment is the next best thing... does that make sense????

Peter Haslam said...

It comes in steps Paisley requiring time even when we are impatient. Contentment is just fine as it deals with the heart.

Ed said...

I am becoming less inclined to make massive changes overnight, more the onion peel approach. I still will change, no worries there, just not with such gung ho bravado. Im getting old, listen to me!

Peter Haslam said...

You can borrow my cane Ed :)

Camille said...

Thanks for the contribution Peter, and for looking at life as a gift. We need more views like this.

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks Camille for your comment

Comedy + said...

Just checking in Peter. Late getting in and I will return tomorrow to catch up on your two new posts. Have a great evening. :)