Friday, April 6, 2007

Is it the Journey or the Destination that's Important

In hypnosis to explain what it is like we often use the example of a time when you drove to work or went somewhere and when you arrived you couldn't really recall the details of how you got there; you just arrived. What happened is that your mind was so busy thinking about an upcoming event, a bad situation, or anticipating something so intently that your subconscious mind (habits)took over the task of getting you there. Your subconscious mind if necessary would have interrupted your thinking if a situation had needed your attention.

Similarly some of us can get so focused on our future (vision, destination) that we leave the running of our life to our habits. The reverse of this is creating busy work. Taking on so many tasks that we cannot pay attention to where we are going. In either case we can suddenly wake up (a situation) not knowing how we got there but faced with a result that we didn't want. We all need destinations to provide directions in our life but we can't afford to do it on autopilot.

So what can we do?

We need to pay attention to both. It is like taking a scenic train ride such as the Alaska Rail & Cruise Tours. Our journey will have many sights that add to the richness of our life creating those fond moments we remember long after we have arrived at our destination. We may even stop and take side trips. Our destination can and will be enhanced by the journey. But we have to be present and paying attention and not lost in our habits.

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Mark Robinson said...

When it comes to air travel nowadays the destination is much nicer than the journey! But I hear what you're saying.

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks Mark. I'd have to agree.

Digital Nomad said...

I should think what I haved "is" the journey.

In reference to your latest post, that is what makes me "happy".

The end is seldom that rewarding.

Comedy + said...

Life is full of choices that result in much of the journey. So, with good choices the journey should be more pleasant, but the destination is the end goal. What I mean my choices is an education, hobbies, who you marry, and things like that. These issues should be well thought out.

One should have an idea what they want for the future. When to retire and the like and how you are going to attain that. There is work to do to make the travel meaningful. All of us come to the same destination in the end, so each choice me make we can shape and let it grow until we reach that goal or destination. This is a great reward.

Peter Haslam said...

comedy+ good addition to the conversation thank you

erp said...

i thought about it often.both is important..without destination there's no journey but we have to stay focus and have a nice time :)