Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MyBlogLog Community Items

This coming Sat March 31 Steli of Supercool School is hosting an all day event where he has different bloggers posting throughout the day on new and revolutionary education concepts and ideas. (disclosure- I am one of the participants). If you can stop by and ask questions and post comments and show your support.

I want to thank Digital Nomad for sending me a heads up on Link and Blog Challenge site. It is a community of bloggers who help each other by creating links between relevant posts on each others blogs. As you know this makes both blogs better in the eyes of the SEO engines. If you want to build links you will find it is an easy and fun way to do it. Check it out for yourself.

For any members of the MyBlogLog community that wants International exposure should check out the Ziki community again from Digital Nomad. Increasingly we need to pay attention to our International audience and so my thanks again to digital nomad for the translator widget.

If you want to see what you could win in ilker of The Thinking Blog contest; just check out FreshBlogger.

3 conversations:

Michael said...

Thanks Peter for the mention in your post.

As Steli says...more power to you.

Comedy + said...

Peter, good for you. As you know I'm gone on weekend, but would love to know what happened... Congratulations.

Peter Haslam said...

Thanks comedy+ appreciated.
Well deserved Michael