Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Getting Help on Personal Changes

Here are three different kinds of help that you may need depending on the type of change you are considering.

  1. If the change involves your physical health such as weight loss, starting a new fitness program or you are on medications then you need to involve your doctor or other professionals in discussing your plan before you start and establish any cautions and monitoring necessary. Being a diabetic it was essential that my doctor monitor the impact of the changes on my blood sugars, medications and my general physical health when I was losing so much weight. It is better to be cautious and check first and then design your program with their involvement.
  2. Sometimes you get stuck on what to choose as your next small goal. There are a huge number of sites dealing with personal change in any category you can think of. For example: Steve Pavlina - Personal Development for Smart People contains a large selection of articles on all kinds of personal development topics or Jerry Lopper on Suite 101 also contains articles on personal development. The trick is to read all kinds of articles to pick up ideas you can use. You do not have to do their whole program unless it makes sense to you and feels right. Keep looking and reading and build a whole arsenal of ideas you can use in your personal change quest.
  3. Some times we can take ourselves too seriously and feel that we must focus only on our change. Then you need some humour to laugh and lighten up and put things in perspective. Find some funny blogs that tickle your funny bone. I read Comedy Plus and Empress Bee for humour and blogs like GR8EGYPT to see a different country or the thinking blog for interesting photos and topics. There are lots of interesting places to visit so make sure you treat yourself to some exploring and fun.

Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Most people have had help in making their changes and are more than willing to help others and everyone I know has a problem mind reading; so speak up so we can hear you.

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monterey homes said...

Change is inevitable and it is good to take change positively. Great post. I have really been motivated.