Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Can Money Buy Happiness?

I have to thank the Love To Lead team for the great question. When seeing the question I first had to determine what happiness meant to me. It took some time because every time I thought I had the answer; I would come up with a 'Yes, but...' that required me to continue my search for the answer. So I finally decided to look at what and when I felt I was happy. This was the first clue to the answer. I started a list of the times I could remember being happy. For example when my cat would jump up on my lap and as I stroked her; hearing her deep contented purr made me want to continue to give her pleasure. A time when I was out with my daughter and watched her pleasure and joy the first time she held and caressed a rabbit. The laughter when sharing a good joke. Helping a friend through troubled times. There were a lots of them but I had never stopped before today and savored those memories. I was always searching out there for my happiness. Then it occurred to me that I had answered the question. My happiness came from moments of sharing without thinking of what's in it for me. Making others happy gave me the gift of my own happiness.

So my answer is a definite no.

What's your answer?


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Sam Chan said...

Well, JMTC, check this out and then hopefully it can help to answer the question better.

pacific grove homes for sale said...

Well for me I think money can buy happiness, for a moment. It's short term, like when you get a brand new car for Christmas, you're happy for a while but eventually it fades.

But money has nothing to do with "true happiness", finding something that truly makes us happy and contented with our lives, something that not all of us are lucky enough to find.