Tuesday, February 19, 2008


For some the ending of something is an occasion for sadness and regret instead of recognizing that it is a natural part of life. After all life is a process not something to be gotten over with.

With a small shift in perception a lot of unnecessary sadness could be eliminated from our lives. Change is a part of life and it usually starts when something ends rather than when something begins.

It is the ending that provides the opportunity for us to change something in our life to give us a different present or future outcome.  In a lot of situations something has to be over before something new can begin.

Your thoughts?

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3 conversations:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

The cycle of life pure and simple. Ever changing with new beginnings, cycling though its life and then ending, only to have a new beginning. It's the cycle of life. Very well put. :)

Peter Haslam said...

great comment sandee :)

reasonable robinson said...

I think the fear of change has something to do with the 'pain' it can cause, and that whilst we might want the benefits of the change, we don't want the pain associated with achieving them. I suppose that's why we are often more extrinsically than intrinsically motivated?

I am coming round to thinking that much of western society is dulled to underlying processes of change through our separation from the food production process and the human dying process.