Monday, November 5, 2007


We have a tendency to look at our present moment and the actions we take in that moment as a kind of direct cause and effect relationship. Do something and get a result.

Using a different perspective we could say that our action in the present moment is like tossing a pebble into water. The pebble causes ripples to spread out from the point of impact that are even until they encounter an obstacle such as a stick or wall and then the ripple changes not through our action but through interaction.

In life the interaction is caused by other people reacting to our actions who in turn toss their own pebble creating ripples that interact with ours. This then is the effect that is generated from our actions and it is definitely not a direct cause and effect.

We could then say that our present actions cause future possibilities that we could not of foreseen and therefore all our actions and expectations enter the realm of possibilities and not certainty.

In essence the expectations of the results from our actions are really much like throwing dice. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose and there is rarely any certainty in life.

Your thoughts?

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I agree that you can't know all the effects a decision you make will reap, but you certainly have to think about how that decision will affect others. Especially in the work place.

This is a very deep question. I thought about a bad driver making a bad move on the road where others pay. Okay, perhaps I digging too deep here. I do get what you are saying. Have a great evening Peter. :)

Peter Haslam said...

I agree Sandee what we call unintended consequences is really life throwing the dice and as you state there is always someone else involved :) very nice

Tina Su said...

Great Post! Keep up the excellent word.
Love & Gratitude,
Think Simple. Be Decisive.
~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

Peter Haslam said...

thanks for joining the conversation tina

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