Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guilt as a Habit

Have you noticed that guilt has a way of taking over our life. Strong words you might say and exaggerated. I disagree. We learnt what guilt was when we were children. We were taught that doing or thinking about certain things were wrong and we shouldn't do them.

Sometimes we were given some kind of punishment to enforce the seriousness of our transgression. Sometimes we were made to feel guilt by comparison with others who were less fortunate. Sometimes we were threatened with an eternal punishment.

We learnt well the lessons. We know when we do or think about things that we shouldn't do that we should feel guilty. So we do even when no one else knows about it. We call it temptation and we fight against it.

We can fight so hard and often that it leads to it dominating our thoughts and when we fail and give in to it we can feel we are doomed. We end up carrying the guilt around with us all the time and decide that we cannot defeat it and so we continue to do it. It is not surprising that something we constantly think about does create the very habit that we don't want.

Guilt is a feeling that we get when the result of our actions is contrary to who we believe we are. It is a lesson and not a sentence. We simply need to decide that we will not knowingly take actions that lead to the result we don't want and then let the guilt go away. Period.

Your thoughts?

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6 conversations:

Loz said...

Guilt is something I am very familiar with at the moment. If only it were so easy to let it go, life would be much simpler.

Peter Haslam said...

Not at all easy I agree Loz but necessary to do what we can to release it

anrosh said...

But some people still do not get the feeling of guilt, even when rob each day - corporation and greed?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yep, this is another one that sneaks up on me now and then. I think it was the religious upbringing. I do try not to feel guilty about things, but can't say I always manage this very well.

Sometimes I have the foot in mouth problem and then I have to go say I'm sorry. Not often, but I hate it when it happens. I still feel guilty after I say I'm sorry though. It finally goes away, but it does take some time.

Great to see you back Peter. You were missed. Have a great day. :)

Peter Haslam said...

They have Anrosh but have decided that they can not fight it and believe they can do no other than what they do

Peter Haslam said...

nothing wrong with guilt Sandee as a reminder as long as we don't keep it as a ball and chain. Good to be back thanks Sandee