Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ghost Relationships

Relationships can be difficult to let go of. We have a tendency towards comparison as if previous relationships are a standard against which to measure our current relationships.

We could call these our ghost relationships. When we have had a bad experience we carry with us what we believe to be lessons from those relationships as warnings to be watched for. We can scrutinize any relationship with an eagle eye to spot the least action that spells disaster for us. We will find it.

When we have had a great relationship that for one reason or another has gone by the wayside we do the same. We can constantly be looking for all the good things we remember from that time to relive those emotions and feelings. We will not find it.

Each and every relationship stands unique by itself. We need to let go of our ghosts from the past and live in the present. Every person is unique in their own right and we should look at each relationship with have in that light.

Our expectations both good and bad denies that uniqueness.

Your thoughts?

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Peter, let me sleep on this one and I'll take a stab at it tomorrow. On one hand I agree and on the other I don't. Very interesting post. :)