Thursday, August 2, 2007

Unfinished Issues

We know of people that seem to always be moving from issue to issue and never resolving one. Sometimes it is the same issue over and over and sometimes it is one after another.

The problem with unresolved issue is that they are like scratches that get infected when untreated and end up being a serious mess with a long healing process.

There are issues which do not have a solution and should be dropped but instead we can often keep them on the back burner waiting for a solution to arrive. What a waste of time and effort. Generally by the time a solution arrives we are the only ones that remember it.

It is our choice of how we spend our time and what we focus on. Is it worthwhile gnawing on old bones or should we just resolve them even if that resolution is just our decision not to spend anymore time on it.

Is it time to clean out the file cabinet marked unresolved issues? 

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2 conversations:

Comedy + said...

This can be a tough one for me Peter, but you are right. If you can't change them then why bother fretting over them. Easier said than done, but wise advise here. Have a great evening. :)

Peter Haslam said...

I have to revisit this one from time to time and clean out the garbage Sandee