Saturday, August 25, 2007

Love What You Do

Life is so precious yet for many of us we treat it as if we are doing hard time. Hard time is an expression that was used for convicts who were imprisoned and were given sentences to do hard labor such as road gangs or making small rocks out of big rocks.

It is very common to hear the remedy that we should find work that we love and the rest will take care of itself. I believe that could mislead some people as to what they need to do.


Because it assumes we work from the outside in which takes us on a journey of seeking something that we do not know what it is and therefore we will not know when we have found it. It will always something else that we haven't found yet.

Love works from the inside out where that love fills us up, defines us and compels us on in life. When we love what we do whether it is carrying out the garbage, doing the dishes, changing diapers or any of the many things that we do in a day; life changes. We love whatever we are doing simply because we are doing it. Without us it wouldn't happen. It is life in action; the ultimate creativity.

It is our life force that illuminates the tasks and elevates it into an expression of our creative force. What we do expresses the fundamental fact that we are alive. Everything we do is our external expression of our internal life.

Your thoughts?

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8 conversations:

Random Magus said...

I think sometimes we forget that everything comes of us and is an extension. We divorce what we do from ourselves sometimes, not realizing that it too carries a bit of our DNA. That was a great reminder Peter

Peter Haslam said...

Even in the ordinary tasks Random Magus we express the extraordinary

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

No matter how enlightened you become, you still have to do the dishes. Right on the money Peter. Very well said. :)

Peter Haslam said...

Yes Sandee even though i would like to dispute it some days :)

shazad said...

Suppose basics will always be basics no matter what level of 'elevation' you reach

Peter Haslam said...

We eat we sleep we live Shazad as you say basics are still required

Anonymous said...

Very well said Peter!I personally feel,that loving whatever comes our way expands our satisfying & happy moments.
Afterall,its' rightly said;'Life isn't a big thing,it's simply made up of a million priceless moments'.
So just love living up all those moments to spin millions of happy times for ourselves.
Keep up the great work:)

Peter Haslam said...

Exactly Megha just do it right now