Thursday, May 24, 2007

May Blog Drive-Byes

First I would like to thank Lyn from Remarkable Bloggers for her kind review of my blog.

Also to mention two memes I was tagged for by Camille at her NOW blog and Theresa from Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog blog. I will respond in the next week.

Pearl from Interesting Observations has a Happiness Quiz that measures your happiness score from psychologist Edward Diener involved in happiness research.

Random Magus has an interesting post Mirror, Mirror about seeing ourselves through another's eyes.

Cosmicsurfer has some great digital art work at his Cosmic Photo Art  blog that I think Princess Haiku might like.

Jennifer at Goodness Graciousness has a good post on dreamers and transformers.

Last and certainly not least RT from Untwisted Vortex for teaching me about Blog drive-Byes


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Comedy + said...

I need to get back to doing them too. Maybe next week. You have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you Sunday evening. Off to the boat.

Jennifer said...

Ahh Peter,

Thank you for this!

You are one of those amazing transformers and dreamers!



pearl said...

Hi Peter - thank you so much for the links! stay well and stay in touch

your blog has a wealth of information and I will be making it a regular read...

Peter Haslam said...

I enjoy your blog as well Pearl and thought my readers would as well

Princess Haiku said...

Nicely done, Peter- you net-worker excelsior. I do like the cosmic photos. How did you launch your blog so fast like a hot air balloon? No pun here :) honest.. Seriously, you have a gift for communication. I see all the diverse people you chat with. There's no telling where your balloon will fly I guess. Hope you have a good book and a bottle of sparkling cider up there in the sky.

Peter Haslam said...

Some good music and sensory experiences from your blog and the company of good friends Princess Haiku.

Anonymous said...

I've been gone for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently do you update your blog?