Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Necessary Skills: Conversations

One of the prized attributes of a blog is the ability to have conversations either through linked posts or through comments. I want to thank my commenter's for their participation.

In that light I want to continue the conversation started in yesterday's post about the Art of Questions. Camille talked about her technique for finding answers by putting the question out there and then looking for clues to the answer. A valuable observation. In this case the 'out there' is beyond your current sandbox which accomplishes the requirement of thinking outside the box. Comedy+ contributes the observation that it is something that will never end and I hope so because when it does we have stopped growing and being present in our lives. And to RT who thinks "outside the box" to test his own paradigms and has kicked down the sides of his sandbox to enjoy his current freedom. It is worthwhile for you to read the comments and the blogs are listed in my sidebar should you want to visit. The next post will be on courage as it applies to the ongoing conversation. So please join me tomorrow and add to the richness of the conversation by leaving your comments.

Now on a lighter note some 'finds' from my travels on the web.

Rick Schwartz is known as the 'Domain King' has started a new blog The Rick Schwartz Domain and Traffic Blog and promises to tell "the skinny" on payouts. Looks like an interesting read for anyone seeking to make money on the Internet.

I love a good laugh and Mark Robinson Dot Ca has a good one. Check it out.

Under the zany category: Teachers seem to be taking hits these days from porn champions to being a witch. What next?

Thanks to for the tips to set up my recent comments feed in my sidebar.

You never know what goes on behind the scenes unless an it is brought to our attention. An excellent example of this can be found on Jimi Morrison's site about the ChaCha search engine.

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me.Blog said...


u can place a recent comment post on yr blogspot blog, just by linking to comment rss feed in your feed widget... :D

thats a great way to show ur readers what others have commented about... ;D

Peter Haslam said...

Thank you I will come and visit to find out how.

Rip said...

Thanks for the link. Just showed up today for some reason. I hadn't seen it before.

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