Friday, March 23, 2007

Persuing your Dream

This post is to recognize a MyBlogLog member who is persuing his dream.

Steli has a website called Supercool School and a blog Supercool Blog and he has a proposal for a manifesto at the Change This website. Change This posts manifestos written by leading thinkers such as Hugh MacLeod, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki. The manifestos are excellent reading and you should check out the others to find thought provoking ideas in areas that you are interested in. There is something for everyone.

Why do I want to recognize Steli?

Self-learning is all about taking responsibility for creating and realizing your dreams and creating a positive change in the world. I read 2 posts of Stelis' that I want to recommend that you read. The first is The story behind Supercool School ( An open letter to the world ). It is a story of courage, vision and his desire to be the change that you want to have happen in the world.

Steli has an opportunity through Change This which works on a voting mechanism to get his message out to a large audience and it's rare that I have the ability to directly help someone towards realizing their dream. Read and make up your own mind. If you agree then the post "The Education Age" Manifesto will take to the voting page.

(Steli is currently in 2nd place - 47 votes behind the leader)

Realizing a dream and overcoming obstacles takes courage.


Steli has tagged me for his EduBlogger Event07

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3 conversations:

Steli Efti said...

I don´t know what to say...I am so deeply touched by your words Peter! "Thank You" can´t express what I want to tell you. Dreams are worthless without people who believe in them. Thankx so much for dreaming the supercool dream with me...

Peter Haslam said...

It's a worthwhile dream steli.

pebble beach homes said...

I really love it when I see people brave up to follow their dreams. By simply attempting the feat requires a lot of courage in itself. I truly admire these people.