Sunday, February 18, 2007

No Perfect Answers

Some people need to have the answer before they can start something new. The only problem with that is that by the time they get a perfect answer the need for that answer has passed. Things can move so quickly that time becomes a luxury we can't afford.

What can you do to get going without having the answer?

I use the concept of useful ideas to take my first steps on learning something new. Instead looking for answers which requires me to ask the correct questions, I look for useful ideas that move me towards my objective. For example, as I am new to blogging, I looked for ideas that I could tie into my current knowledge. After reading a number of blogs I came across the idea that blogging was having a conversation.
This idea allows me ask myself simple questions such as who do I want to talk to, about what, when, where and how. This allows me to start learning the skill of blogging by doing it without spending a lot of time seeking a perfect solution.

So stop looking for perfect answers and get on with what you need to learn.

3 conversations:

kylebeabo said...

Good luck on your blog!

S. Camille Crawford said...

Hi Peter,

I'm new to blogging too. I noticed that you started about a week before I did and that you also spoke about perspective. Interesting. I'm glad I found you and I'm glad you're blogging. It will be interesting for me to have a parallel journey to follow.


monterey foreclosures said...

Your article is great! And I agree with you a 100%, it is almost impossible to have the perfect answer. We just have to decide what we think is best and stick with it. Then live with the consequences.